Cold Weather In New York

New York City’s autumn is more mild than cold, but the winter season is freezing. On the night of 12/23/23 to 12/24/23, people endured overnight cold, which showed no signs of retreating when the sun rose. Christmas weekend comes with wind, rain, and cold snap: icy and potentially perilous for body aching due to the cold. Negative temperatures are the only obstacle for people leaving cozy houses to assemble for Christmas, but also the brutal wind that blows makes the apparent temperature more chilly. Tourists from all over the world on the Fifth Avenue were shivering, and no jacket could resist negative 14 degrees celsius, or 6.8 degrees fahrenheit.

However, cold weather does not make New York City any less NYC. The ice-skating activity remains in the rink, near the Rockefeller Center, and Times Square was still crowded when the ball-drop happened. New York City is as populous as usual, though people turn to round shapes wearing multiple layers of clothing. From a good side, people’s zest for a happy Christmans weekend is not put out by the harsh temperatures, but on the opposite, one should never have a fluke mind that NYC is not crowded and its winter season becomes an off-season for traveling.

Runxin Li

Kazel Li is a first year sophomore and a new writer at The Oracle. She loves literature, philosophy, economics, and reptiles.

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