Artist Profile: Naveen Selvanathan

Naveen Selvanathan, a visual design artist, was born and raised in India. After working in animation for three years, Naveen emigrated to America to pursue a career in art. With over ten years of experience in his field, he has worked as a concept artist for Disney Interactive Studios and as a visual design artist for both Sony picture animation and Dreamworks Feature Animation Studios.

Naveen has been involved in an array of animated projects at Sony, including Spiderman, Into the Spiderverse, Hotel Transylvania 3, Smurfs -The Lost Village, and The Emoji Movie. He is currently working on Puss in Boots II at Dreamworks Feature Animation Studios. Both his personal and professional works demonstrate vibrant use of color and a unique style, many of which are inspired by Indian culture. All of the works below are by Naveen Selvanathan; if you’re interested in seeing more of his art, you can visit his website or Instagram.

“Princess in Prints”
“Street Cows”
“Princess Garden”
“Langur Cycle”
“Boat Princess”
“Holy Cow”
“Temple Town”

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Evelyn Sharma

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