5 Random Dreams and their Meanings

A person’s dreams can be pretty telling about what is going on in their life and through their thoughts. Dreams are known to show your emotions and fears through associated imagery. A lot of things that we may think are strange and unique to our own brains are often common and have deeper subliminal meaning.

Losing Teeth

Dreams about losing teeth can seem really weird and random. If you wake up and recall a dream of your teeth falling out, you may think that it’s meaningless, or just simple fear. However, there is evidence that this specific dream may signify more specific worries. Some possibilities are worrying about your appearance or worrying about things you said or didn’t say. This is likely because of the obvious correlation between your mouth and speaking, as well as nice teeth being associated with beauty.


Having dreams about or at an airport may seem self-explanatory and one may be quick to assume that it is simply about traveling. Although this dream obviously can be a hint towards being worried about traveling or wanting to travel, it can also mean something more. Dreams of airports, especially when you’re not due to be on one any time soon are known to possibly signify a change occurring or needing to occur in your life.


Dreaming about your skin is another possibly self-explanatory explanation, however, it could also mean something more. According to one of many dream dictionaries dreams with the focal point of skin can appear for many reasons. A straightforward explanation is that you may spend a lot of time focusing your attention on your skin. It can also signify that you need or want to do things to better express yourself but feel as if something is stopping you from doing so.


Something that may sound very odd and random to dream about maybe ribs. No, not the edible barbequed ones, the ones in our bodies. Although this likely seems to be a completely spontaneous and random thing for our brains to focus on, it is possible that this central focus might be because of something more serious. When thinking of rib cages, our minds relate them to death and life, or similarly the start or end of something. Whether that something ending is a relationship, your career, or something else depends on the surrounding details of the dream.

Inability to Run

If you’ve ever had a dream where something is chasing you or you need to quickly get away, but you can’t run, you’re not alone. This is a fairly common yet strange dream. Supposedly, this dream signifies a “lack of self-esteem or a lack of self-confidence.” A pretty deep meaning for such a budget-horror-movie-type dream. Regardless, it is said that if you’re having this dream multiple times, you need to change aspects of your life that make you feel negatively.







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