Burna Boy: An Icon of African Strength and Unity


Background about Burna Boy

Burna Boy, born Damini Ebunulowa Ogulu, is a Nigerian singer born on July 2nd, 1991. Damini was born in southern Nigeria in a city called Port Harcourt. Burna Boy began making music in 2010 and quickly became an African icon through his music which takes inspiration from rap, afrobeat, reggae, and dancehall. Furthermore, Damini’s music spreads messages of his dream of a united Africa. Still, through his music, he also criticizes the government and its lack of action surrounding many of the issues Nigeria and many other African countries face, including police brutality and corruption.

What is his impact, and why should he be talked about?

Burna Boy has used his large platform and music to bring worldwide awareness about police brutality. Not only by doing did Damini increase awareness about this issue, but as more people became aware, this pressured the government to take action. Along with protesting in person, he created a platform to inform people how to support the #EndSARS movement and the victims of SARS. Burna Boy is an African icon, and just like many other people with fame or success, he, like others, is criticized daily for his decisions. Damini carries many responsibilities, including standing up and fighting against injustice for those who can not fight for themselves and bringing light to issues that do not get the same spotlight as others. Burna Boy has been vocal about his love for his home country and continent, which is apparent through his music; however, his music also tells a different story of Africa, one of police brutality and corruption, and has called for the government to take action. His music serves as a reminder of the potential of Africa as a whole but simultaneously calls for collaboration between the African governments and the citizens.


“I’m Nigerian. I’m African. I have a lot to say. Apart from what I say, though, is the feeling. People can relate to that feeling. It’s a reciprocal relationship. They feed off me and I feed off them.”

“I can guarantee you that at least 90% of my people that are my age group in Nigeria – who are considered the youth – had no clue about how Nigeria, the real origins of Nigeria.”

“You are only as rich as where you come from, and Nigeria has a lot of poverty.”

“I don’t plan stuff. I don’t believe in planning. I just believe in doing your best at what you do best at all times and everything else is everything else. Everything else is a plus.”


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