Lost — A Poem

— on Emma

Prosperous and pretty,
a thriving English woman
eyes closed
submerged in the pond of pride
to fake dignity.

Praises and stunning remarks
shrouded her senses.
Downright darkness
a veil called wealth and status
from flatterers’ siren of feigned popularity.

Romantic misperception flourished its way.
Matching pairs after pairs,
Urgently, or rather pityingly preying
for the puniest bit of satisfaction,
fulfilling her vanity.

Broken hearts, utterly upset,
the awakening of a drowned soul.
Tension broke, bubbles popped,
she inhales her first breath in a new realm,
a brutal realm called reality.

An almost tragedy ends in
the cessation of a forever throbbing heart.
In the blooming household of Knightley,
a restless nightingale, given in,
frozen in a new tranquility.

Daniel Zhang

Daniel Zhang ’24 is a junior at Blair from Beijing, China. He has published an article in the European Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences. He enjoys reading and writing on a wide variety of topics, especially poems. He is excited to join The Oracle this year and wishes to present his poems and book reviews to the Blair community.

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