Game Review: Omori

The game Omori is a colorful role playing game (RPG) that creates a beautiful world that combines two different worlds both being very different from each other. With the two different worlds in the game, it leads to two different problems and quests. The players experience the game through Omori, the main character, as the player is introduced to his friends, Hero, Aubrey, Kel, Basil, and Omori’s sister, Maru. The main quest line of the game is to find and rescue Basil after he disappears. The player is able to travel through the world of Omori and pick up side quests to gain items that aid in finding Basil, while fighting off encountered enemies. After progressing through the game for some time, the perspective of the game changes from Omori to Sunny, who is the protagonist of the real world.

The atmosphere of the game sets the mood and creates a beautiful tone immersing you into the world. The music makes the game seem extremely peaceful and serene in one moment, and scary in the next with its variety. It is truly able to create the emotions necessary in that section of the game and create unforgettable segments. The art style of the game is unique and adds depth to the atmosphere.

Omori introduces simple game mechanics to the players to create more complex battles, allowing the player to utilize its 4 main characters in any battle. When battling, all 4 characters are placed in a turn-based battle system, where the strategy of the game takes hold utilizing certain buffs such as EMOTIONS and FOLLOW-UPS. Hero is the healer of the party, giving him support skills which allow him to heal the party and remove emotion from party members. Kel is the speedster of the party, which enables him to attack first and attack all enemies on field. Aubrey is the fighter of the party so she deals the most damage, with skills that are able deal the most damage out of the party, but with the drawback of having the least defense and luck. Finally, Omori is the most neutral party member, with no specialty. Battles include emotions that act as unique buffs, which affect the flow of battle drastically, requiring precise strategy to navigate. Each party member can be inflicted with sad, happy, angry, scared, or neutral emotions. Each emotion adds debuffs and buffs to your character. Sadness lowers speed, raises defense, and causes you to lose some juice instead of health when taking damage, while Happy raises luck and speed and lowers hit rate. Angry raises attack and lowers defense, and Afraid causes you to not be able to perform follow ups and most skills and increases the amount of damage received by enemies. Follow ups are attacks that have different abilities depending on who you team up with and cost three points of energy unless using Omori’s release energy which requires the bar to be full having ten points and you perform a team attack. Every time one of your party members gets hit, you gain one point of energy.

The story of the Omori needs to be experienced to become ingrained into the story of the game. However, the game is generally about rescuing a friend and recovering lost memories. Omori is split into two worlds, one within the mind of the main character, Sunny, and the other takes place in the real world that happens around Sunny. In the mindspace, the main quest line is to look for Omori’s missing friend, Basil, and the player travels around in the mind world to try to find him. While this is happening you can get to see interactions between your party members to see how they act together and eat picnics to regain all health and juice and save using Mari’s picnic basket. After traveling around for a bit you can see new sections of the world, pick up side quests that give some useful items, and finish a hangman puzzle by finding computer keys that are scattered around the world.

The game is a beautifully crafted work of art that combines music and emotions, which forms an amazing game for the price of $19.99. With the game’s unique art style, it adds to the calm atmosphere and creates a lot of tension during the disturbing parts of the game which leads me to rate the game 8.9/10.

James Castillo

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