Artist Profile: Maya Ciminello

Maya Ciminello ‘23 is a senior and current AP Ceramics student. She started ceramics in her freshman year at Blair and it has since become a huge part of her identity. “Artistic expression has strengthened my voice and has introduced me to a community of incredibly creative and supportive individuals. I cannot imagine my life without it,” Maya says. Her AP profile answers the question: How does chronic illness affect the human body and mind? Each of her pieces depict a different facet of this question and aim to prove how optimism is critical in growth. Currently, she is working on a piece titled Hope (displayed to the below), focusing on the mental burden of having a chronic illness.

Through her journey as an artist, she has experimented with many different ceramic styles. “I have always felt more inspired while creating sculptures rather than thrown forms, yet last year I found ways to manipulate thrown forms with handbuilt and 2D art aspects to align more with my artistic style. These pieces are some of the strongest of my portfolio,” Maya says. 

Maya has also created a plethora of astonishing pieces outside of her profile. Some of these pieces are displayed below, including Pot of Gold, Off White English Rose Vase, and Brain Fog Burn Out. 

Sage Christensen

Sage Christensen is a senior at Blair and is excited to return to the Oracle for her second season. She is from Annapolis, Maryland, and has interviewed many prominent artists, musicians, and professionals, and has published an article on Channel Kindness! She is a member of the Senior Class Council, a Locke Prefect, and plays softball and squash. She is excited to write about this year's Society of Skeptics talks as well as highlight some of Blair’s artists!

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