To Let Go – My Sophomore Sonnet

It’s a funny world, this thing we call time.
The caterpillar anxious to grow up
Colorful lullabies with perfect rhymes
And sunny fields of blooming buttercups.

Anxiously filled with ambitious wishes
Reaching for the stars without any care
Past the mellow meadows, earthly riches
Forgetting the ones who were always there.

Too soon finales near in tattered ruins.
Unfinished business, secrets that aghast
Hearts painted bittersweet shades of maroon
Bruised by wilting thorn bushes of the past.

Truly live in today and tomorrow
By setting free yesterday’s hurt sorrow.

My first sonnet I wrote my sophomore year. Times were much simpler back then, and my writing was much more straightforward, with more tell than show. Please enjoy!

Chloe Lau

High school senior Chloe Lau is an aspiring journalist attending Blair Academy. Chloe wrote for Young Post of South China Morning Post, the largest English newspaper in her hometown, Hong Kong as a Junior Reporter from 2017 to 2020, and worked as a full-time summer cadet in 2019. During her American education, she remains an active writer and editor at The Oracle, and took part in the Medill Cherubs Journalism Program with Northwestern University over the summer. Chloe enjoys reporting on a wide variety of topics, from sports profiles, personal essays, to occasional poetry when she falls into an existential crisis.

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