The Gear

Photo credits: Jonathan Borba


The Gear

Gears are made with one purpose in mind, to potentially be used. Each hopes to be paired with another to create a bigger whole, something much more meaningful and beautiful. Adding pairs to create a system of harmony, simple and pure. With the passing of time wear becomes apparent, the gear begins to fracture and rust. The damaged gear’s use has finally met its end, and is promptly removed to save the system and the cogs. Serving no purpose, the gear is left to erode with no other cogs or system to call its own. The gear, broken and forgotten, is melted down and repurposed to be born anew. The new gears turn, having not known the gear they replaced.

James Castillo

James Castillo, of the small town of Blairstown, NJ, loves playing video games and hanging out with friends. His favorite food to eat is Taylor ham, egg, and cheese on a kaiser roll. He enjoys learning about how cars work in his down time; although that knowledge just idles in his mind as he slowly zones.

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