The Fire of Enteral Destruction — Poem

The Fire of Eternal Destruction

by: Andrew Wang

In the beginning,
The fire was calm and peaceful.
Gentle flames were dancing on the wood.
The fire of life,
provided warmth for the plants and animals alike.
Until it became too ambitious.
Growing rapidly without control.
It encompassed the wood that was fueling it.
Like thousands of termites masticating a log.
However, the fire sought even more resources.
It spread through the grass like slithering snakes.
It swallowed trees like a lion devouring a herd of deer.
Animals and insects ran from it in dreaded terror.
It quickly spread through the forest, at a frightening speed.
Clouds of smoke ascended into the high heavens of gods.
Soon there were no more resources left for it to burn.
It gradually dwindled.
Soon the fire was gone.
All that remained of it,
were the ashes, and the dead plants and animals.
There was an eternal trace of destruction that continued to exist.

As I saw on the news, the wildfires of California were a terror,
Sending up waves of smoke into the sky.
Creating a blanket over the burning forest.
I realized a painful truth about humanity.
As we grow more advanced and ambitious,
Resources will start to run out.
Humanity is starting to influence earth in a dreadful way.
Misery and destruction are starting to expand as a result of conflict.
Like flood water gushing out onto the dry land.
The earth is an upturned anthill.
Humanity was once an innocent race,
Until Adam ate the apple of knowledge.
Mankind is no longer an innocent race,
It is rather destructive, dreaded, and malevolent.
As the kindness and faith in the world are diminishing.

Like the fire of eternal destruction,
Encompassing anything in its way.
If humans don’t unite.
If humans continue wasting resources.
Eventually, like the fire, humans will become destructive species
We will destroy our home planet.
Many other beautiful species will be destroyed by us.
More and more people are using Co2
Corporations are denying that global warming is true,
When the downfall of earth is in their sight.
Meanwhile, tensions between countries are growing.
It is blind and foolish to argue and fight with one another.
However, I do not see any attempt to resolve these issues.

Now we live in a world of such pain and misery.
Where ignorant companies release more clouds of Co2 and gas into the atmosphere.
Creating a carpet of Co2 and gas above the atmosphere.
Turning our home into a ball of fire.
Meanwhile, Superpowers try to gain dominance over earth.
Rather than focusing on the issues of planet earth.
Acts of deep hatred are being committed.
The earth is rotting from the inside.
However, it is humanity’s own responsibility to solve these problems.
There is still time to change the direction of this dreadful future.
Let the trapped spirit hope out of Pandora’s jar
To provide the hope of survival for humanity.

Andrew Wang

Andrew Wang ’24 was born in Beijing, China and currently resides in Princeton, NJ. As a junior in Blair, he lives in Lakeside. Andrew has joined the Oracle because of his profound interest in creative writing and journalism. He is excited to contribute his excellent works to the Oracle.

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