Shortcuts Between Different Campus Buildings

Some students feel that living in Kathryn means walking further when one is getting to Clinton, Bogle, or even the dining hall, thus the Kathryn girls depart earlier and waste their time on the walkways. However, that is not the whole picture of Kathryn life. The paths from Kathryn to the major buildings are not as assumed.

1. From Kathryn to the Dining hall.
Going to the dining hall, a Kathryn resident needs to pass CEC and the health center. It is almost a straight way to the dining hall. Two minutes is consumed for one to walk slowly from Kathryn to CEC, while one minute could be possible if she is in a hurry. Another three minutes is consumed for one to walk even more slowly from CEC to the Dining hall, while in most cases, two minutes is possible. In total, it is only three to five minutes, depending on the walking pace. The weather also affects people’s perceptions of time consumption, as chilling mornings make the way seem longer.

To Clinton, another one and a half minutes are taken. So, get yourself prepared before class, and do not be late!

2. From Kathryn to Armstrong & Weber
Weber and Armstrong are the nearest academic buildings for Kathryn’s girls. The fastest record to Weber is two minutes, especially when it’s heading towards classrooms on the second floor, which only needs the students from Kathryn to take a turn on the hill.

The most enjoyable sleep-in is the sleep-in followed by Math class, which means you can leave the dorm at 9:37.

3. From Kathryn or Weber to Bogle
Bogle is a remote place for most students, except for boarders in West. Normally, it takes one from Kathryn seven minutes to get to Bogle, and a similarly long time is needed from Weber to Bogle. It is extremely bothering for one who is taking a Math test before the AP lab period to get into another building hundreds of meters away.
However, there are “unconventional” paths going to the major academic buildings, which is helpful for students who are nearly late. When one leaves Bogle, goes straight down the hill and passes Blair Commons, and walks through West, then he or she arrives at Bogle. It only takes five minutes or even less. It is a comparatively faster and easier way to Bogle.

This article presents a faster means to go to the academic buildings, and it does not mean to encourage people to leave the dorm at the last minute, but only provides another alternative.

Runxin Li

Kazel Li is a first year sophomore and a new writer at The Oracle. She loves literature, philosophy, economics, and reptiles.

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