Home, My Home

Jogging along the red gravel
belting out cheerful ballads,
I have returned home,
accompanied by a euphonic melody –
from crooning songbirds’ soft tunes.

There, the maple trees flaunt their beauty,
glimmering through the shimmering sun.
Unwilling to be surpassed,
willows invite the wind to a graceful waltz –
flourishing in their blooming youth.

Oh, my hometown,
a cure for a fatigued heart,
a rolling nostalgia,
a steeping in sorrow,
a harbor of my soul.

Seeing it turn from green to red,
stretching its strata.
Returning year to year, again and again,
I climb round and round —
the hourglass sand glides forever.

Your presence,
an incarnation of warmth
and passionate wilderness,
yet balanced.

As a long-lost traveler,
the prodigal son found home,
touching its olive branch,
I reach out.

Old friends’ faces of sweet memories past –
familiar but far away,
My home, my friend,
lingers in every smile
of this forever wanderer.

Daniel Zhang

Daniel Zhang ’24 is a junior at Blair from Beijing, China. He has published an article in the European Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences. He enjoys reading and writing on a wide variety of topics, especially poems. He is excited to join The Oracle this year and wishes to present his poems and book reviews to the Blair community.

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