“Death Magnetic” by Metallica Hits 15 Years

“Death Magnetic” was a momentous album for Metallica, emerging from the controversial era of their releases of “Load,” “Reload” and “St. Anger.”“Death Magnetic” revived Metallica’s classic thrash sound with some new unique elements. A unique twist in “Death Magnetic” is the composition which has an eerie vibe but also a combination of mellow and eerie. The most popular song out of “Death Magnetic,” “The Day That Never Comes,” is an absolute masterpiece combining James Hetfield’s beautiful clean rhythms with fast and ripping distorted rhythms. Kirk Hammett’s lead work on the track is also exceptional with an incredibly catchy and masterful solo which perfectly complements the rest of the track harmonizing and harmonizing with the rhythmic aspects of the song. This song goes from absolutely beautiful melodies to pure rage filled, evil riffage. “Waiting for the one. The day that never comes, ah. When they stand up and feel the warmth. But the sunshine never comes”-“The Day That Never Comes.” Another memorable track is “All Nightmare Long,” consisting of insane ripping rhythms and leads with aggressive vocals all in a very technical manner. This bone snapping track is a horrifyingly beautiful masterpiece. “Cause we hunt you down without mercy. Hunt you down all nightmare long.” In all, “Death Magnetic” is a criminally underrated masterpiece. Metallica is currently ripping through the world on their M72 world tour, after the release of their 11th studio album, “72 Seasons.” The boys have filled stadiums to their maximum capacity. Metallica is currently outselling the likes of Taylor Swift and are still ripping after 42 years.


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Jacob Zentner

Jacob is a world class Metallica and Godzilla fan. Jacob is an avid guitarist and songwriter. Jacob, inspired by the greats such as Eddie Van Halen and James Hetfield, has continually improved and learned since the start of his career. Jacob’s music can be very emotional with melancholy rhythms but also makes some SUPER heavy stuff. Jacob enjoys the great outdoors hiking and camping etc. Jacob strives to gain new experiences in life.

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