Corteiz Rules The World

Photo credits: “Corteiz” by Apharr is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.


What is Corteiz?

If you were asked to name the most popular streetwear brands among UK teens nowadays, Corteiz would for sure come up. Launched in 2017, Corteiz has implemented unorthodox marketing strategies such as their “guerilla tactics” which involves causing havoc all in the meanwhile selling out clothes. Corteiz has been co-signed by many famous brands and figures, such as the likes of Drake, Central Cee, Nike and many more (Takanashi, Everything About Corteiz).

The Rise

Started by a mysterious online persona known as Clint419, Corteiz has been around since 2017. Clint created Corteiz as a British-Nigerian university student in his bedroom located in West London. Corteiz quickly took over the UK market with its unique exclusively community based brand values (Farrant, The Rise of Cortiz).


Corteiz’s influence on the youth has been huge and expansive everywhere over London. Many of their notable events include exchanging worn puffer jackets for their very own Corteiz jackets which were later donated to charity. Another includes selling their famous cargo pants for only $99p! Finally, their crossball challenge which challenges fans to hit a crossbar at an undisclosed location with their new shoes in order to get a chance at winning around $1000 pounds. Corteiz’s creative marketing strategy has helped them achieve immense success and recognition by many (Farrant, The Rise of Corteiz).



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