A Collection of Blair Animals

Blair campus is not only for students, but a half-habitat for many animals, including those from the woods and faculty’s pets.

1. The Three Deer
There are three campus deer in Blair. They often come visiting Blair and its students in the lawn between Annie and Armstrong. They sometimes wander in the Bowl as well.

Tripod, who gains her name since only three of her legs are walking, is the mother of the other two. Though she lost a leg, Tripod can still run fast, especially when some students approach, she jumps away with her two children. She is known for its “resilience” of taking her two babies everyday though with only three legs. The two little deer are born with light colored tails.

2. Lyra
Lyra is Mr. Link’s dog, a Samoyed. She joined Blair recently. Often when students walk out from Blair Commons during the sunny Friday afternoon, Lyra and several other dogs are playing in the Hardwick Quad.

Lyra is always white, furry, and energetic. She likes to whine, yet whenever someone pets her, she ceases whimpering.

3. Tobe
Tobe is Ms. Queally’s golden retriever, one of the iconic Blair dogs and the most popular dogs. He is always friendly to everyone.

Toby is so obsessed with the lawns that some students even caught him eating the grass.

4. Baby Meow Meow
Baby Meow Meow is adopted by Mr. Redos and Dr. M. Meow Meow is no longer a baby cat, but he only responds to the name “Baby Meow Meow” as Mr. Redos tried to call it using other names. It is given by its previous family.

Baby Meow Meow is very shy. Mr. Redos, as the dorm parent of Kathryn, often invites Kathryn girls to share cookies and tea at his apartment on his duty night, yet Baby Meow Meow seldom shows up when it’s crowded. When only two or three people are present, he is less shy.

5. Squirrels
The squirrels are the best acrobatic actors on campus. There might be hundreds of them habiting in woods of Blair, and almost every one of them are good at twisting and stretching their bodies, jumping off from branches several foot high, and even standing on the edge of the trash cans or branches that are only as thick as one fifths of their bodies. Most squirrels are not afraid of Blair students, eating nuts and resting along the lawns and watching them walk from Timken Library to Bogle.

Runxin Li

Kazel Li is a first year sophomore and a new writer at The Oracle. She loves literature, philosophy, economics, and reptiles.

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