Home — A Poem


A vast expanse of ceaseless terrors and mysteries fills the void
Stretching thousands of miles across
Bringing fear and paranoia into the minds of humanity
Yet in darkness there is light
A haven protecting those shocked by the vastness of the world
Healing those who are traumatized and fragmented
Like a bright blazing torch
It illuminates the world
Guiding those who want to learn and explore
Protecting those who are fearful and lost
At the day’s closing
It guides everyone back like Ariadne’s thread
Out of the labyrinth
And back Home

Andrew Wang

Andrew Wang ’24 was born in Beijing, China and currently resides in Princeton, NJ. As a junior in Blair, he lives in Lakeside. Andrew has joined the Oracle because of his profound interest in creative writing and journalism. He is excited to contribute his excellent works to the Oracle.

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