Student Leaders

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Tys Sweeney

Co-founder; Editor:

Tys Sweeney ‘17 is the creator and co-founder of The Oracle. As the Editor, Tys sorts through the articles that are submitted and edits them slightly before they are send to Mr. Hurtado for final proofing and publication. He is a junior at Blair Academy and is passionate about writing and journalism. He believes that writing is an important way to connect with the community by sharing opinions, perspectives, and ideas. Tys is also in charge of managing the website, both in terms of content and layout. Articles Bio [/box] [/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last][box type=”info” icon=”none”]

Chris Liu

Co-founder; Co-editor; President of Communications

Chris Liu ‘18 helped design and co-found The Oracle. Chris keeps everything organized and gives suggestions on how to make The Oracle more attractive. Chris helps to develop special programs to keep the community engaged. She enjoys writing and plays a major role in keeping The Oracle up and running. Her brilliant ideas make her an invaluable component of the Editorial Board. Bio [/box] [/twocol_one_last]



Editorial Board Moderators


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Mr. Hurtado


Faculty Advisor; Oracle Writer; Assistant Editor

Mr. Hurtado is the faculty advisor for The Oracle as well as a brilliant writer. Mr. Hurtado teaches Spanish and lives in West Hall. All the articles that Tys and Chris look through get approved by Mr. Hurtado and the other Editorial Board Moderators. He truly keeps The Blair Oracle in (Buccaneer) Ship Shape. Articles Bio[/box] [/threecol_one][threecol_one][box type=”tick” icon=”none”]

Mr. Moore

Wing Commander; Assistant Editor; Contributing Writer

James Moore is a teacher of English and Economics at Blair, as well as director of squash programs and head coach of the girls varsity. Mr. Moore writes often on art and art theft. He is a member of the Editorial Board and is authorized to approve articles for publication. Articles Bio[/box] [/threecol_one] [threecol_one_last][box type=”tick” icon=”none”]

Mr. Compton

Content Monitor; Assistant Editor; Dog from Up (Disney)

Mr. Compton is an English teacher and Varsity Squash Coach. He is approved to publish and review articles for publication. Mr. Compton went to Bates College in Maine and has spent time in California and shares photos of his dog with his English class on occasion. The Oracle is held to a high standard of intelligence and fun by Mr. Compton. Bio[/box]



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