Ode to Lightning—Poem

Ode to Lightning

Fast and unpredictable
flickering bodies
dancing alone
in the summer rain

As if
are the scope
of the divine!

As if
Your eyes
glare at mortals,
Your mundane audience.

Your power,
striking a harmonious night,
an otherwise tranquil sky.

We merely espy glimpses
Of Your sacred face,
Your majesty,
transient yet frightening.

So much
so that
I faithfully

to strip off
Your electric veil,
to immerse in
Your grasp of storm,

to catch
Your dazzling
to thank you

for dislodging
my fears of night,
for lighting up
the shadowed way ahead.

Daniel Zhang

Daniel Zhang ’24 is a junior at Blair from Beijing, China. He has published an article in the European Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences. He enjoys reading and writing on a wide variety of topics, especially poems. He is excited to join The Oracle this year and wishes to present his poems and book reviews to the Blair community.

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