World Voices: Frank Bruni on Writing

bruniA final tidbit from The Oracle‘s conversation with Frank Bruni is his advice for young writers.

Chriss Liu: What advice did you wish you have gotten as a young journalist?

Frank Bruni: I think I wish I had gotten the advice to never stop educating myself about history, and never stop educating myself with all sorts of things, because you just can not be informed enough or have a broad enough base of knowledge when you are journalist.

You are moving in a thousand directions at once. You are trying to become an instant expert on all sorts of things. And the richer, the deeper, and the stronger your foundation of knowledge, the better off you are.

So I wish someone had said to me, yes worry about the craft, but never stop worrying, or at least don’t stop worrying for a long time, about how educated and informed you are as a human being, because you will be drawing on that spring of knowledge for the rest of your career.

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Chriss Liu

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