Winter (Disco) Ball

With the second semester of school comes multiple events for Blair students to look forward to. There’s plenty to get excited for, including the upcoming schoolwide “Hunger Games,” International Weekend, the Winter Long Weekend, and Headmaster’s Week. The Winter Ball, a highly anticipated event, is quickly approaching. The semi-formal dance is scheduled for next Saturday, January 18. Each year there is a unique, festive theme for the party. Last year’s theme was “Hollywood,” and this year’s theme has been confirmed as “Disco.” Each ticket is $20 and sign up is available in the Student Life Office before Thursday, January 16.

The Winter Ball is a great opportunity to spend time with either a group of friends or perhaps  just one person in particular. It’s a nice evening to look forward to and let the excitement take your mind off the weeks of school until the Winter Long Weekend. The Winter Ball serves as a welcome change from the usual monotony, especially as most people begin to fall into Blair’s dreary winter routine. 

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Evelyn Sharma

Evelyn Sharma is a junior and writer for the Oracle whose passions include music, reading, art, and anything else you can express yourself creatively through.