Who is Dr. McCarthy?

As some may know, Dr. McCarthy is the Blair Scholar-in-Residence. He teaches college and graduate students at the Harvard Kennedy School in Boston, MA. I spoke with him and asked about what he has worked on in the past and some of the things he hopes to work on in the future. 

Dr. McCarthy describes the role of the Blair Scholar-in-Residence as one of “a utility player… who is willing and, hopefully, able to make a range of contributions to this community.” Dr. McCarthy hopes to “try to contribute… and be of service, to grow, to create, and to foster community.” He states “one of the things [he has] become increasingly committed to in [his] career is trying to build bridges and cross boundaries between different educational institutions.” He loves to work “with high school students and teachers as it is a different kind of educational experience.”

Dr. McCarthy has been at Blair for six years, and started by giving Chapel talks, over time moving towards the development of workshops and curricula. Most notably, he developed the curricula that inspired both the LEADs program and the Blair Leadership Stories project. Dr. McCarthy states his “role has changed to doing work around school structure with the senior leadership team, the department chairs, and other folks who are leaders and adults in the school community.” Most recently, he taught the Human Rights Seminar with Mr. Sheppard and Mr. Redos, “which was a new pilot program and is [now] a part of the curriculum.” This year he is co-teaching the Belonging at Blair Seminar, “which is another new initiative that is meant to get students (with Ms. Merrifield, Mrs. Ryerson, and [Dr. McCarthy]) to have a…robust conversation about issues of diversity, inclusion, belonging, and identity at Blair.”

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Arjun Chopra

Arjun Chopra is a junior at Blair and is a second year writer for the oracle. Apart from the Oracle Arjun is a varsity debater on the Blair Speech and Debate team.