What’s with All These Anonymous Accounts?

The #berryllamas are just one of many Blair-specific memes popping up on anonymous Instagram accounts

Whether you heard about them by word-of-mouth or made your way onto their pages by chance, you’ve probably noticed the increasing number of anonymous accounts flooding the Instagram feeds of Blair’s students. From accounts pasting students’ faces on llamas to accounts capturing candid images of students, these pages have captivated the attention of many. But why do these accounts keep popping up and why are they so popular?

The answer lies in the content. Most of the content is witty, creative, and engages students based on the fact that the posts revolve around their friends— the humor is personal, and, on some pages, relatable, in contrast to meme accounts that produce generic material.

These accounts have gotten a controversial response, though, given their nature and quantity. The accounts “are funny, but it has gotten out of hand,” one source said, “There are just so many now.” Many others agree.

Perhaps the first account to catch our attention this year was @daily_life_of_blair_students, which contains humorous videos and candid pictures of students. Although focused on individuals, the content is innocent and enjoyable for everyone. “The trick with accounts like these is not to take it personally or too seriously. I didn’t take the post about me seriously and was able to laugh about it, which is important because most of the posts are funny if taken lightheartedly,” said the same student. Many of the captions explain amusing situations featuring everyday Blair students, something that nearly everyone here finds fun.

Another account, @blairllama, is renowned for taking the faces of Blair students and pasting them on images of llamas, accompanied by witty captions pertaining to either their personal lives or random, unrelated material. Another account, @peddieeats, parodies Peddie students’ and posts submissions of unfinished or unappealing food.

There is, however, a line between witty posts that poke at students and malicious ones. Creators of these pages– which captivate the attention of nearly the entire student body– also need to realize they have a  responsibility to the community. These anonymous creators have to carefully craft posts that appeal to the student body while avoiding being hurtful and offensive.

Many agree that unless a student feels offended or violated, the anonymous accounts are fine. If someone is upset, though, the account should be shut down. Although some oppose the pages, overall the student body loves seeing what random, amusing things will be posted, and about who. Next, it could be you.

Janice Negvesky