What to read over Thanksgiving

BLAIR – This week we all will reap the benefits of a much deserved hiatus from schoolwork. In addition to wishing all in the Blair Community and beyond a Happy Thanksgiving and a safe journey home, we’d like you to know that during the week of Thanksgiving the Oracle will also take a short pause, and no new articles will be published. Still, however, we encourage all of you to enter the caption contest, whose winner will be announced the Monday we return.

Over the course of this week you will enjoy delicious food and likely see your friends and family back home, and in the absence of new content on the Oracle, we’d like to offer you a selection of past articles to peruse during the vacation.

Keep writing; if you would like to submit a piece for publication, send it to oracle@blair.edu.


The first ever caption contest, from last year, comments closed: http://blairoracle.com/photo-caption-contest/1

Jamie Phelan’s article about Donald Trump (now more relevant than ever): http://blairoracle.com/a-political-hurricane-straight-out-of-manhattan-donald-trump/1

Sadie Britton’s short story Amy in Cypress. If you’ve read her recent work, Bang Bang, you may enjoy this also: http://blairoracle.com/amy-in-cypress/1

Mr. Hurtado’s Capsule Biography: Vladimir Nabokov: http://blairoracle.com/mr-hurtado-on-vladimir-nabokov/1

Sanjay Paul’s intellectual argument concerning socialism: http://blairoracle.com/socialist-america/1

Take a look at Yasameen Mohammadi’s stunning artwork, and read about how it all started in an interview by Chriss Liuhttp://blairoracle.com/yasameen-mohammadis-stunning-art/1

Emily Choi talks about tutoring young migrant students in Newton, NJ: http://blairoracle.com/la-conexion-helping-young-immigrant-students-in-our-community/1


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