What Do You Think About Living in Kathryn?

Living in Kathryn as a new sophomore was a blessing in a disguise. My initial feeling was that living in a dorm apart from other sophomores was not so different from living on an isolated island 1,000 miles away, especially when I came in the middle of the year. On top of that, everything was new to me: the dorm, the students, the teachers, and even the Foosball Table in the common room.

Although it was true that living in Kathryn as a new sophomore was tough, there were also some benefits that became apparent during my three months living there. Of course, there were also some disadvantages (I hope no Kathryn prefects or teachers see this!). Here is a useful guide for would-be Kathryn residents:

Best things

Great facilities
Take pride in living in a new dorm constructed only 7 years ago! Kathryn is constantly mentioned during tours introducing prospective students to the great buildings at Blair: the clean and neat external and internal aesthetics of the building are worth boasting about. The rooms in Kathryn are clean and large, too.

Amazing air conditioning
During hot days, especially in the fall and spring, the presence of air conditioning is very welcome for cooling down and staying happy. The air conditioning in Kathryn is beyond excellent; the presence of cool air not only makes it feel less hot but sometimes even pleasingly cold.

Lake views
A big lake occupies the space right in front of Kathryn. On sunny days, the view of the shimmering lake is such a pretty sight.


Short distances

Short distances are undeniable benefits on any day a person is feeling fatigued or is running late. The following buildings that are very close to Kathryn:
– Dining hall- The best place for one of the most important things– food! So Convenient for quickly grabbing food and eating when hunger strikes.
– Weber- I can literally walk (not even run) out of Kathryn at 3:44 to arrive at 3:45 for Oracle.
– Armstrong- It only takes a minute or two to get to Armstrong to watch some of the great concerts and shows!
– Bowl- a common place for a lot of fun activities on weekends.
– CEC- If you have class at CEC and you lost track of time during your free period, if you’re out of Kathryn 1 minute before class starts you’ll still be on time. It’s also a great place to do homework!

Common room
The big common room on the first floor of Kathryn is a wonderful place to talk with other students and faculty who live in the dorm. It also makes a great space for doing homework. There have also been many times that I have been able to ask the faculty on duty questions about my classwork when I was having a hard time. They were always willing to help and gave great answers to my questions.

Third floor of Kathryn contains a Foosball Table and it’s so fun to play. If you’ve never played before, it is a game where you move “players” on rods back and forth to “kick” a ball into a goal while avoiding keeping the ball out of your own goal. I highly recommend playing this game, because aside from being an amazing game, it’s a great way to spend time with other people having fun and releasing some competitive energy.

Worst things

Long distances
While some places that are close to Kathryn, there are others further away and sometimes I’m too lazy to want to make the trek.
– Bogle – The furthest academic building from Kathryn. It takes approximately 8 minutes to get to science class. I had a lucky year of having my chemistry classes fully virtual, but whenever I had a lab, I had to depart from Kathryn at least 10 minutes before class time to get there on time. To psych yourself up, tell yourself that you’re getting in a nice walk around campus in the fresh air.
– The Canteen – A fantastic place to eat food or have fun with some friends. Similar distance from Kathryn as to Bogle.
– The Turf -Usually a place for sports practice happens, sometimes weekend activities also take place on the turf.

The first few weeks of living in Kathryn were rough on my nose due to rhinitis. Opening the windows or the door was something I was doing constantly to get rid of the dryness and dust.

Separation from the other sophomores (as a sophomore)
Due to the lack of rooms in Locke and my mid-year arrival, I was one of only a few of sophomores living in Kathryn. Big rooms and great facilities were definitely the advantages that I loved, but living apart from the other sophomores was sometimes uncomfortable and depressing.

Overall, Kathryn is such a fantastic dorm to live especially if you’re craving for big, clean rooms and space. You will also gradually see some benefits once you start living in Kathryn. As a rising junior, I am looking forward to spending another amazing year in Kathryn with my peers!

Christine Jeong

Christine Jeong '23 is a sophomore at Blair Academy and a writer for the Oracle. She enjoys traveling, listening to music, art, writing, and watching movies. She hopes to be an enthusiastic writer and write about various topics in Oracle.