Weird Food Combinations

Food is a really important part of our lives, and it is essential for our survival. Today we are going to be talking about some weird combinations that sound terrible, but actually taste good. Since we usually eat monotonously week after week, you can try to vary it up and give one of these food combinations a shot.

The first option on the list is ice cubes, milk, and cereal, which is something I personally have tasted and found it really good. The ice helps keep the milk cold for the whole duration of your breakfast, and since I love cold milk, the ice really made it enjoyable.

Secondly, we have the peanut butter and cheese sandwich, something I tried once after hearing about it from some of my friends. Although I would easily choose a peanut butter and jelly sandwich over this on any day of the week, the flavor of the cheese and peanut butter actually balance to produce a really well rounded sandwich.

Thirdly, we have mac and cheese with ketchup or mac and cheese with barbeque sauce, one of my personal favorites. I came upon this idea when I was first eating mac and cheese back in 5th grade. It was Kraft mac and cheese, and I noticed the mac and cheese was really dry. Instead of using water in order to try and loosen it up, I added a touch of ketchup into the bowl. It tasted really good. Recently during a formal dinner, I was trying to put ketchup in my mac and cheese, but unknowingly put barbeque sauce instead. It was as good as ketchup, maybe even better. Next time you’re at dinner, and they have mac and cheese, give it a shot.

Fourth, ice cream and fries are a really popular ‘weird’ but taste-good food combination. The saying ‘opposites attract’ explains their amazing combined taste. Ice cream, which is cold, fries, which are hot, ice cream which is sweet, fries, which are salty, come together and balance to make the perfect snack.

The fifth optionis a really uncommon one: eggs and jelly. Both of these things, are really typical breakfast foods, and make a great combination. The only thing that you need to do is take the jelly and spread it over the top of the eggs or omelette. The taste of the eggs with the sweet taste of jelly makes for a scrumptious breakfast. Give it a try next time you’re in the dining hall for breakfast.    

Option 6 is also one my favorites, since it is a combination of my two most favorite foods, Nutella and pizza. Even though chocolate on pizza sounds disgusting, the Nutella is the tomato sauce part of the pizza, so it’s basically just bread with Nutella on top. Add strawberries on top for more flavor and decoration.  

Option 7 is ketchup on popcorn, rather than butter. Ketchup can work with almost anything, and popcorn isn’t an exception. I came upon this by accident when I was at a movie theater and my friends pranked me by putting ketchup on my popcorn. It was pitch black, so I couldn’t see it, but I kind of felt that something was off about the popcorn. I ate it anyway because the movie was kind of boring, but it was far better than I thought, and I actually enjoyed eating it. I wouldn’t mind if I had to do it again.       

Option 8 is mainly for people who don’t like pizza crusts, like me. Something about them is just too dry and stale and doesn’t go along well with the pizza itself. Mixing cust with soda is a perfect way to add flavor to the crust, allowing you to finish your full pizza.

Option 9 is something I saw at International Weekend at the Australia table. Akoldah Gak ’21 and Henry Makeny ’19 were serving their bread with butter and sprinkles on them, which was really good, but one of the ingredients– Vegemite, I think– didn’t have that good of an aftertaste. I replaced it with butter and tried it later that week and it was really really good.

Option 10 was actually recommended to me by Akoldah, who has enjoyed this snack since his childhood. He says that although it takes a while for the peanut butter to mix well with yogurt, the end result tastes great. He says the  yogurt to do this with is Greek yogurt. He highly recommends this to anyone who is looking for something new and delicious to try out.

Use the link for the survey below to vote on which weird food combinations you think would be the best or sounds the best.

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Akshar Aiyer

Akshar Aiyer is a sophomore at Blair Academy. He has just started working for the Oracle