The Week That Was: Girl’s Soccerfest

Girl’s Soccerfest is a tradition that stretches back to long before I was a Buc, and it is certainly one of my favorite Blair traditions. It means a lot to not only the players on the team, but also to many of the members of the Blair community.

The feeling of taking the field each year for Soccerfest is unreal and really never gets old. You look out into the crowd and see the entire student body there. The cheers of friends, family, peers, and teachers echo throughout the stadium. The energy and atmosphere is just incredible.

Despite the merciless winds and seemingly endless rain that persisted throughout the entirety of September 30, 2016, we were still able to take the field against our hometown rivals with a band of dedicated fans behind us.

Having beaten North Warren earlier in the season, we knew that they would be showing up to Soccerfest with vengeance and that it certainly wouldn’t be an easy game. During this year’s Soccerfest, Blair Girls Varsity Soccer had an incredible showing, beating North Warren 1-0 on their own turf.

Emily Mooney managed to put in a goal early in the game off of an assist from Veronica Blair. From there, it was an uphill battle trying to maintain the lead. The inclement weather made it challenging, but the girls really stepped up to this challenge. I am immensely proud of the fight each member of the team put up during this year’s Soccerfest. 

It is certainly a night I am going to remember for a long time, and I cannot express enough gratitude to the numerous fans who came out to support us. It’s moments like that where we can really see just how special the Blair community is. Girls Soccerfest highlights the strength of girls’ sports at Blair and is an event that I believe all female athletes should experience. I think it’s very important that we continue a tradition like this that celebrates the athletic feats of girls to the same extent that it celebrates the athletic feats of guys.

(Copyright 2016 Fiona Walsh)