The Walking Dead: Season 7


Welcome back to The Walking Dead! We introduce the season premiere of Season 7, perhaps the most riveting and sad thing you’ve ever experienced in your life. I’ll jump right in. Welcome to Negan’s world. We are reintroduced to his spike covered bat, Lucille, taking out 2 of our most beloved characters, Glenn Rhee, who has been with us since Season 1, and Sgt. Abraham Ford, who has been with us since Season 4. Glenn leaves us with his beautiful final words, “Maggie, I’ll find you.” His funny and bright outlook on the future will be sorely missed by both fans and Rick’s group in the show. Abraham leaves us with the gritty words “Suck…my…nuts.” A quote beautiful in it’s own way. We will miss his “macho-ness” and totally “hardcore” attitude.

If you follow The Talking Dead, the cast also shared their feelings about the execution of Abraham and Glenn. Surprised and scared were just some of the emotions expressed.

This opening episode was gory and gross, leaving us on the verge of tears and throwing up, but even after the deaths, the main producer Kirkman decides to throw us in another loop. We see Rick Grimes, our beloved main character, being broken down by Negan. Carl almost loses his hand and Daryl is taken away as a hostage. The group is being chipped away, slowly, sadly.

What the point of this episode was is still a mystery to me, but if you can come up with an idea, please to share it in the comments.

Moving ahead, we know the next episode introduces “The Kingdom,” a tiger, and Ezekiel. So whether you’re still crying about Episode 1 or looking forward to Episode 2, check in with The Oracle to read more about The Walking Dead!

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