Varsity Girls’ Basketball Rounding Out Strong Season

On Saturday, the Girls’ Varsity Basketball team once again won the MAPL Championship. This is their 7th straight title.

The other MAPL teams, never able to close the ever-widening gap, were easily overcome by the Bucs, who won each game by at least 40 points. The team took the MAPL title with a 72-25 win against the Hill School. With a 14-5 season, the girls have been a force to reckon with for all their opponents. They now look forward to clinching their season with what should be a win over Lawrenceville–who they’ve already beaten 60-40 and 84-40 this season–in the State Semi-finals, and one final match against an as-yet unknown opponent at States.

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Ethan Huang

Crew Athlete and Art Appreciator. Ethan is a graduate of the class of 2020.