Varsity Girls Basketball Home Opener

On December 2nd, the Blair girls varsity hosted a scrimmage against the junior college ASA, home of the Avengers, located in Brooklyn, New York and North Miami Beach, Florida. Going into the game this Tuesday, the team and I knew it was going to be difficult based on the size difference between our team and theirs. Also this was our first scrimmage against a very physical and athletic team, given the fact we’ve only practiced amongst ourselves, Arlyn Lopez, and Zach Lawless.

Once the first half began, ASA came out stronger and more aggressively than we did, but this didn’t stop us from giving it our all. After missing a few shots we knew we could make, making mistakes, and getting our nerves out, we came out stronger than them in the second half. We finally gelled together and were able to get into our flow and run our sets correctly. Despite their height advantage, we were still able to compete for rebounds and loose balls the second half. Also, thanks to Q’s pep speeches during timeouts we really came out with the “fire” in the fourth quarter. In the fourth quarter we actually outscored ASA 25-24. Unfortunately we lost the game 57-77, but overall I was impressed with how everyone played throughout the entire game, regardless of the difference between the scores.

(Copyright 2015 Andra Espinoza-Hunter) (Photo of team at Blair Madness from Blair Flickr)