A Trip to the Museum of Modern Art


 The morning began as planned: a few of my fellow art nerds and I were waiting near the entrance to the gym, waiting for our bus to come take us to New York. Little did we know that an unfortunate communication mistake sent the bus to New York first. Our bus wasn’t going to be picking us up anytime soon.

After a stack of canteen pancakes and an hour,  we were finally on our bus. Nothing happened on the bus ride there (or back), at least as far as I know, because  I always fall asleep as soon as my head hits the headrest.

But that’s beside the point; the exhibits are more interesting than my sleeping habits. After a slightly rude awakening by a taxi-cab’s horn, I found myself finally in New York, only a few streets away from the MoMA. The walk there would’ve been easy and short, if it had not been for my lack of planning for the gloomy and windy weather which ultimately made me regret my decision to wear one of my favorite dresses.

Anyway, once we got into the museum, we were let loose to explore the exhibits ourselves. Sadly, because of the bus mishap, our time was limited, so my friends and I hurried to the top floor and worked our way down.

The exhibit that stands out to me was Unfinished Conversations. This exhibit,  to both Mr. Thomas’s and my delight, showed the unfinished works of modern day artists. The coolest part about the pieces though, was that they didn’t look unfinished; the lines were all so finely and finitely painted and drawn, that it was hard to picture what else could be added to them to make them any more complete.  My mind raced with possibilities: what was the artist envisioning upon starting and ‘finishing’ the works? Did they mean to make onlookers like me go half insane wondering what they were trying to accomplish?

Though it felt like I could have gazed at the works forever, we had to keep walking;. I didn’t want to stop other people from exploring the wonders of the exhibit. Unfortunately, after a quick meal of cauliflower and leek soup at the museum’s restaurant, my friends and I were quickly running out of time.

Thankfully, I still had enough to go to the gift shop. After blowing $35 on the “best quality charcoal kit” for myself and a cat-shaped coin purse for a friend, our time at the MoMA was over.

We boarded our bus once again. Obviously I slept through the ride back, knowing that my  day was well spent at the amazing Museum of Modern Art.

(Copyright 2017 Ceci Fralick)