Treat Yo’self: Signature Assessment Edition

The original Treat Yo Self team from Parks and Rec.

Going to school between Thanksgiving and Christmas break always feels like the last lap in Mario Kart, where the music gets fast and really stressful. In the midst of the depressing weather and the impending stress of Signature Assessments, most students are desperately trying to bring up their grades to increase their GPAs and end the first semester on a high note. Here are some tips to help make this time more bearable:

  1. Get out of your room and breathe in some fresh air.

Get out of your dorm room and head outside for a walk, run, or some outdoor yoga. Not only does getting fresh air make you feel revitalized after a day of working, it also boosts your immune system so you don’t end up stuck in the Health Center in the middle of all this stress.

  1. Spend time with those who make you laugh.

When stress is overwhelming, nothing feels better than spending time with those who make you laugh. Whether it’s calling a family member or hanging out with your friends, adding a little laughter throughout the day stimulates your circulation which aids muscle relaxation and increases endorphins.

  1. Get lost in a novel.

Although reading isn’t the first thing that comes to mind for many students when they are trying to de-stress, getting lost in the world of fiction is a great way to escape the stressful realities of life. Whether it’s a graphic novel or a short story online, taking your mind off of your work can help you return to it with a clear head.

  1. Start your day with some meditation or a quick, relaxing morning stretch.

Some simple stretching will jump-start your energy levels and improve your circulation for a great start to the day.

  1. Find some time to be alone.

Even for those who love being social butterflies, it’s always good to find some alone time and prioritize yourself before diving back into your work. Do a face mask, take a long shower, or do whatever relaxing activity makes you happy.

Taking small breaks to stop from feeling like you’re drowning in your work is important in order to get through this difficult period as efficiently and painlessly as possible. Before you know it, you’ll be off for the holidays!

June Dinias

June Dinias ’20 is an editor and writer that has been on the Oracle since her Freshman year. She has explored writing about various topics, focusing on art, food, and culture. She also manages our instagram account. Outside of the Oracle, June is an AP photo student and a yearbook staff member.