Top 10 Reasons to Go See Once Upon a Midnight Dreary

Artwork by Tim Xi ’22

10.  It’s free to Blair students and faculty, and outside audience members are not allowed to see it!

9.  Thirteen characters die in the course of the evening (another four are referred to!)

8.  In the ten different scenes, 13 different stories or poems by Edgar Allan Poe, the master of the macabre, are told!!

7.  Premature burial, torture, ax murder, disease, brutal murder, obsession, suffocation–a perfect date night!

6.  It’s Halloween weekend–you gotta take some time out for spookiness! Scarier than college essays!

5.  Dead people make-up is creepy!

4.  It’s a multimedia event—plays, a puppet show, poetry, and a mini-opera!

3.  You may never see a show like this again! Let alone, what live theatre is going on in this crazy time?

2.  Some exciting debuts and some continuing great careers in this cast!

1.  The Blair Academy Players put Peddie to shame every show!  

Thursday is already sold out, but seating is limited even in the Open Air Theatre. Friday and Saturday are filling up, so email to book a seat!!

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