To the Class of 2015: We will miss you!

As I write this from Sharpe House, there are only 19 days until graduation, when we will say goodbye to the class of 2015. Before you relinquish the title of Blair students and officially become Blair alumni, I’d like to share some of what Mr. Fortunato and I will remember fondly about your class:

The Class of 2015
The Class of 2015


  1. As a class, you have been kind to our kids and have taken the time to play with, talk to and have fun with Matty and Katie. I know they will have special memories of several seniors, including Meaghan Birnie, Grace Chamberlin, Lucy Drinkwater, Ollie Durling, Nisha Gupta and Lexi Kemp.
  1. This year’s prefects have been invaluable in helping faculty and staff take excellent care of our students. They also made sure that their prefectees had a fun and memorable year.
  1. We will never forget the amazing musical and leadership talents of Corinne DiFrancesco and Luke Ciancarelli. Their impressive direction of the student-run A Cappella group produced beautiful singing throughout the year.
  1. Lukas Dong films will forever be special!
  1. Dennis Kim’s talents with storytelling and animation, showcased in Elliot, his Film Festival Best Picture winner, captivated us. We will always think of Dennis when we see elephants.
  2. We were so happy that Kevin Claflin joined us for a PG year at Blair. We’ve known Kevin and his family since he was in preschool. It has been wonderful to share in the culmination of his high school experience.
  1. Kendall Slocum has been a wonderful tablefoot. His sparkling quips and quiet insights are always a pleasure. We also appreciate how Kendall always, even on the most crowded nights, found a place for everyone at our table.
  1. We were inspired by the dedication and perseverance of the seniors on the wrestling team. This year, senior wrestlers led the team in reclaiming the National Prep title. Over the last several years, they gracefully weathered life’s only constant–change–to ultimately welcome, work hard and win with Coach Antonelli.
  1. Seniors led both the girls’ and boys’ basketball teams to win MAPL championships this year, and the girls clinched the State title as well. We will remember and continue to be inspired by the way Bre Cavanaugh bravely recovered from a scary injury at a home game and went on to score her 1,000th point as a Blair Buc!
  1. We came to Blair exactly in the middle of the class of 2015’s time here. You welcomed us and embraced us, and for that we will always be grateful.

While we wish we could have had more time with you, students in the class of 2015, we are excited to hear about your adventures beyond Blair and look forward to welcoming you back to campus in future years. We hope you will stay in touch with each other and with us.


Mrs. Fortunato

(Copyright Erin Fortunato 2015)