Tim Fite Gallery Opening

Why are art students still talking about Tim Fite ’95, whose gallery opening was on Thursday, January 17th in the CIC?

This month’s gallery featured some of Tim Fite’s favorite work, which demonstrate his stance on different societal issues. However, visual art isn’t his only passion, singing and performing are too.

Mr. Fite, a graduate of Blair, spent over 10 years making music and touring for Lava/Atlantic Records and ANTI records. He told the audience at the opening that he’s been into art for as long as he can remember and took art classes at Blair. He has exhibited his artwork at Gallery Tom Blaess in Bern, Switzerland, the Governors Island Art Fair in New York City, and other locations.

Mr. Fite gave a presentation the night of the gallery opening, showing the audience some of his artwork and even singing a couple attention-grabbing songs as a complement.

He also compiled some of his drawings to create stop motion videos he called “episodes.” One series of episodes that he played multiple times throughout the night was called “Dog and Pony.” With “Dog and Pony,” he created short videos that covered different subjects. For example, one of these subjects was crying. In the crying episode, Dog and Pony talk about how they both want to cry. Then a severed hand falls between them, and they both begin crying. After they stop, one of them goes, “I feel better.”

What exactly does that mean? I guess it’s up for interpretation.

A lot of Fite’s work was up for interpretation and that might be why the audience responded to him so well.

After his performances, he ended the night screaming, “Go do your homework!”

Following the gallery opening, many students spoke about how fun and inspiring hearing him speak was. Many sought him out on Spotify (me included). His most popular song of the night, “Like,” can be found in his “iBeenHACKED” album. Overall, this gallery experience was definitely like no other and I can say that this might be the only gallery opening I’ll never forget.

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June Dinias

June Dinias ’20 is an editor and writer that has been on the Oracle since her Freshman year. She has explored writing about various topics, focusing on art, food, and culture. She also manages our instagram account. Outside of the Oracle, June is an AP photo student and a yearbook staff member.