Three Car Accident in Town

At 11:27 AM, 25-April, 2015, Charles Scheuer reached out to the Blair Oracle to report a car crash in front of Dale’s Market. According to Lisa, a waitress at the Blairstown Diner, the crash involved three cars – two sedans, and a pickup. The two sedans were towed away shortly after the crash, and the pickup, which was allegedly rear ended by one of the sedans, drove off without any issue.

Two police cars from the Blairstown Police Department responded to the scene shortly after the crash. The Police Department was unavailable for comment.

At Buzzwerks, across the street from the Diner, Tracy Pflugfelder stated that “we didn’t even hear it,” but that when they, the Buzzwerks employees, looked out of the window, the cars had crashed in front of The Inn.

According to Jen, a Buzzwerks employee, “the whole front end [of one of the sedans] was falling off … it was a total mess.”

The Oracle responded within the hour, but the crash had been cleaned up by that point. This article relies on witness testimonies and the photograph, and timestamp, provided by Charles. To report breaking news to The Oracle please email

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