The Real Blair Dress Code: A Guide to Dressing Like a Blair Student

A Gossip Girl-esque plethora of designer bags and expensive clothing is stereotypical of private schools. However, anyone who has traversed the Blair campus is aware of the distinctly modest style of its students. You, too, can adopt this utilitarian approach to fashion with a few budget-friendly garments.

1. Canada Goose Parka ($995)

It is important to keep warm during frigid New Jersey winters. Bundled in this Canada Goose Parka, the Blair student is sure to remain toasty on their otherwise unbearable three-minute treks between academic buildings. Its goose down insulation and fur lining may be regarded as inhumane or possibly even ostentatious, but concerned vegan classmates can be reassured of the jacket’s merit; the Canada Goose far exceeds the warmth and style standards of ordinary outerwear.

2. Timberland Boots ($198)

Timberlands, or “timbs” for those of you that can’t spend an extra two syllables of your day to sound like an educated person, succeeded the Bean Boots mania of 2016. Pairing the waterproof boots with crew socks, students fashionably protect their feet from the elements as they trudge through the snow, cursing the Blair administration for its stubborn refusal to cancel classes. 

3. Golden Goose Sneakers ($500)

Like Converse, but make them worth 50 Frank’s pizzas. Some people achieve a weathered look by actually going outside, but why work that hard? If you’re living in a Hannah Montana shoe-based fever dream from 2001, then rock on. These are not acceptable to wear to formal dinner, but hey, they cost the same price as shoes that would be.

4. Lululemon Leggings ($69)

Around sophomore year, the Blair student’s dutiful adherence to the dress code inevitably wanes. Desiring class day comfort, ladies often opt for a discreet yet effective garment. These form-fitting leggings from Lululemon are a female wardrobe staple. Though marketed as athletic wear, they are incredibly versatile, and students actually change out of them for athletics. Sporting them with an oversized hoodie, which hides the leggings’ lack of pockets and telltale logo, artful students create the illusion of a dress-code-approved outfit. Faculty members won’t know the difference! 

5. Supreme Boxer Brief (4 Pack: $99)

Though usually concealed, undergarments are crucial in cementing one’s place in the male style hierarchy. Supreme boxers are a must-have for guys seeking to indeed appear or become “supreme.” Be sure to “flex” on other men in the locker room by flaunting the branded elastic waistband.

6. Sperrys ($100)

Wearing “boat shoes” to class might get you beaten up at most high schools, but here at Blair it’s just social capital. Sperrys’ breathable mesh side panel serves as a visual announcement that the wearer seeks to combat foot sweat. To complete the look, pair with an outfit comprised entirely of clothing patterned with whales. 

Whether pursuing the optimal temperature, comfort, or a balanced social order, Blair students are undeniably practical in their clothing choices. With a few simple purchases and some exhaustion-induced undereye bags, anyone can achieve the coveted Blair Academy look.

Copyright Abby Morris, Rebecca Litvin 2020

Abby Morris

Abby Morris is a writer and editor at the Blair Academy Oracle. Since joining the Oracle her freshman year, Abby has explored writing about various topics, focusing especially on covering events and issues relevant to Blair. In her free time, Abby enjoys playing violin, reading, and spending time with friends and family.