The Literal Blair Bubble

A long-awaited addition to campus, Blair Academy’s Winter Sports Complex– casually referred to as “the Bubble”– has been completed. After weeks of construction, Headmaster Mr. Fortunato announced its completion in early December. The Winter Sports Complex was finalized over the Winter Break and officially opened to teams on January 7th. It now provides an alternative athletic facility for Blair students.

Athletic Director Mr. Clavel expressed his excitement about the new space: “There is no doubt that our students and faculty will be using the Bubble to its fullest potential. This facility will just add another positive aspect in everyone’s overall Blair experience.”  

The new sports dome encloses four of Blair’s tennis courts; two of the courts are covered with turf to create a temporary field. The climate-controlled space will allow sports teams to hold practices regardless of weather conditions. Blair’s Athletic Department plans for the dome to be up between the months of November and March every year.

The Complex will serve as the main practice location for the winter track team during the winter season. Previously limited to running through the hallways of Hardwick Hall and academic buildings during the cold weather months, the team now has a “legitimate workout space,” Mr. Clavel tells the Oracle.

When the space is not being occupied by the track team, it will be available for use by other athletes throughout the winter. Teams such as baseball, softball, boys tennis, girls lacrosse, and boys lacrosse plan to use the facility for official practices during the beginning of the spring season. Besides athletic practices, the dome will provide an expansive space for large-scale Student Life activities.

Mr. Clavel also expressed that he is “extremely grateful” to those who supported the installation of the facility.

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Abby Morris

Abby Morris is a writer and editor at the Blair Academy Oracle. Since joining the Oracle her freshman year, Abby has explored writing about various topics, focusing especially on covering events and issues relevant to Blair. In her free time, Abby enjoys playing violin, reading, and spending time with friends and family.