The Impact of the VS(ksksksk)CO Girl Trend

Bottle painting by Marty Dericks ’22

The VSCO girl trend has been spreading rapidly across the U.S., but what exactly is it? How are they impacting different businesses? And if the trend dies out, will businesses be negatively impacted?

The VSCO girl trend has been spreading across the United States and Canada. VSCO is an app that allows people to edit their pictures using filters, stickers, and effects that enhance their appearance. However, the VSCO girl trend is less about an editing software than one might think. 

Businesses are now benefitting from the items featured in what some jokingly call the VSCO girl “starter pack.” According to Vox, VSCO girls wear t-shirts so big they cover the bottom of their shorts, which are likely from either Nike or Brandy Melville; a scrunchie either in their hair or on their wrists alongside a bracelet by the brand Pura Vida; a backpack by the Sweden-based company Fjällräven Kånken; and a sticker-covered Hydro Flask. The rest of her outfit will be composed of Birkenstock sandals or Crocs; beauty products by Burt’s Bees, Carmex, and Glossier; and shell necklaces. 

How exactly is this major trend changing how companies do business? VSCO girls are unknowingly advertising for various companies by using their products in their everyday lives. The trend has gotten to a point where it has become so desirable to be a VSCO girl that sales are increasing for the companies listed above. 

The site of Hydroflask, a water bottle company that includes one of the staple VSCO girl items, has seen increased mobile and desktop visits since the trend began. This year started with fewer than 1 million visits to the site per month, but since then, visits have skyrocketed to 2 million and growing per month. Hydroflask’s annual revenue is now up to an estimated $10.1 billion.

Companies such as VSCO and Glossier also reached peak site visits this summer, with VSCO reaching 13.5 million visits overall and subscription sales at an all-time high. The Glossier site reached around 2.6 million visits per month. 

The VSCO girl trend has proven that if a new craze becomes popular enough, companies can benefit tremendously. However, if trends die as quickly as they start, the benefitting companies could see just as sudden a loss. 


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