The First Steps: Water Bottles For Free & Sustainability For All


BLAIR – Last spring I announced the launch of an ambitious conservation effort to eliminate the use of disposable plastic water bottles at Blair. The goals of the Water Bottle Project were clear: give every student a reusable water bottle, install filling stations and filtered drinking fountains in every building, and ultimately eliminate the wasteful and unethical use of disposable bottles. Now, only several months later, I am delighted to announce another step forward.

This year every Blair student will receive their own reusable Nalgene water bottle with the Water Bottle Project symbol emblazoned upon it, and five of the some thirty planned water bottle filling stations will be installed this fall.

I urge you, students and faculty, to utilize your new reusable bottles and act as if there is an effective ban on disposable bottles. Athletes, take your bottles on trips and to the gym. Administration, supply water coolers and tanks at school wide events and advise the use of personal bottles instead of disposable bottles. Everyone, fill your bottles at our new stations and halt the use of disposable bottles. Taking these steps together will ensure the Water Bottle Project’s ability to continue fighting for substantive change, something that will become ever more important in the near future.

What we’ve already done together is enormous. We’ve taken steps that have set in motion positive and necessary change. We have a ways to go, but we’ve already proven that we have what it takes to get there.

Tys Sweeney

Founder & Editor-in-Chief Emeritus

Tys Sweeney '17 founded the Blair Oracle in April 2015. He wrote news, fiction, poetry, and announcements for the publication until he graduated in 2017. He served as Editor-in-Chief until 2016 and was succeeded by Seth Kim.