The First Caption Contest of 2016

As always, submit your captions below in the comments section. If you have technical difficulties email The winner of this caption contest will be determined by a popular vote (that means you’ll probably be getting a lot of Oracle emails this week) on Friday and will be announced Saturday during the inaugural live broadcast of Oracle Radio at 11:15 PM. Submit you captions below and enjoy the first caption contest of 2016, radio themed!

Submit your caption below!
Submit your caption below!

(Cartoon by Tys Sweeney) (Copyright 2016 Blair Oracle)


Tys Sweeney

Founder & Editor-in-Chief Emeritus

Tys Sweeney '17 founded the Blair Oracle in April 2015. He wrote news, fiction, poetry, and announcements for the publication until he graduated in 2017. He served as Editor-in-Chief until 2016 and was succeeded by Seth Kim.

  • Stephanie Gibson

    I always keep an extra pair of Birkenstocks w/me for special occasions

  • Niall Sheridan

    Your alarm after break.

  • Alex Gieson

    When your responsibilities are calling but all you wanna do is sleep

  • Kendrick Ng-Yow

    When you think your alone in your happy place, but then Hello by Adele starts playing on the radio.

  • Chinonso Chima Anyanka

    *dreams about the future while listening to Future*

  • Chinonso Chima Anyanka

    This could be us but we’re in US History

  • Michael Pressler

    When the man with the yellow hat finally gets a break from Curious George.

  • Helen Mercedes

    stylish doggy jamming off under the palm trees – helen mercedes and amy lee

  • Amy Lee

    the dog is sleeping and the music is playing. what more is there to say
    amy lee and helen mercedes

  • Liam Heino

    It’s brick outside