The Dove by Richard Gimbel

I saw a dove land, its wings touched its tail,

It tried to set off but it seemed bout’ to fail,

Then with a dash, it leaped for the stars,

I knew in my heart, the bird would go far

Yet the next day I came, only to see,

The dove, on its perch, there beside me,

I made an attempt to scare it away,

But in spite of my effort, there the dove stayed

I thought to myself, “it’s not one of troubles,

I won’t let this bird leave my feathers ruffled,

I stomped on the ground, the noise far from mild,

And those around noticed how much I was riled,

I glanced at the ground, embarrassed, ashamed,

Yet to my shoulder is where the dove came,

The dove started to sing, and I whistled along,

Merrily joining it’s beautiful song,

I wandered round’ with the bird till noon came tonight,

Then left the dove to its nest and let it sleep tight,

I slept quite well, on the day with the dove,

And I like to believe it still flies above.

Richard Gimbel

Richard has been writing poetry for 3 years and is a member of the class of 2024.