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Dennis Sungmin Kim has a unique style that shines through in all of his work whether it is an animation, a painting, or just a sketch. But style alone is not enough and he knows this. Dennis has an utmost professional work ethic that is immensely motivating to any aspiring artist. The combination of skill and dedication is what will get him far.


Work by Dennis Kim
Work by Dennis Kim


He is currently working on his third original hand drawn animation. I have been fortunate enough to see his work behind the scenes and the process and his humility is nothing less than inspiring. He draws each scene, frame by frame, creating a new drawing for each tiny bit of movement in a scene. Hundreds of pages to create barely a single scene. Seeing him work hard at his passion for three years now, it is clear that Dennis has grown with each project he has taken on. In 2013 he took a bold step in a new direction and created his first animation “Clown Dream.” This was a new art form to Dennis but he attacked it head first and created two hundred pages of drawings that brought his vision to life. Walking away from the 2013 Blair Academy Film Festival with the award for Best Editing all that was on his mind was: “what’s next?” Dennis never stopped and remained working hard with utmost modesty; feeling no need to show the work he puts in.

Today Dennis is currently wrapping up his latest animation titled “Elliot,” a love story between two elephants. “Elliot” is his most ambitious project yet. Dennis wrote the screenplay, created all of the drawings, and is editing the film himself. The short also is accompanied by an original score composed by Luke Ciancarelli. With 6 months of non stop work and over 1,500 drawings Dennis never stops until his vision comes alive and his story is told. As they say: the only way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time.

In the last three years Dennis has transformed from a kid with a hobby to an artist with an eye for perfection. He has the work ethic and diligence of any great professional with a unique style that would stand out in any crowd. Dennis Sungmin Kim always finds time for the art he wants to create and somehow manages to impress everyone while pushing himself further with every project.

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Lukas Dong

Lukas Dong '15 is a high school student fascinated by visual storytelling and cinematography. Growing up in various cities around the world and spending much of his childhood in Tokyo and Hong Kong, he discovered filmmaking to be a constant passion. As Lukas matured, he developed a love for travel and visually showcasing different cultures and stories through his films. His films have been screened at film festivals across the country and he has won several awards for his work. He is a contributor at The Oracle.