The Bachelor

This past season of The Bachelor, starring former NFL player, Colton Underwood, was called the “most dramatic one yet.”

The Bachelor begins with 30 female contestants vying for the attention of one man while they all stay in the Bachelor Mansion in California. Week by week the group is narrowed down to one lucky woman.

This season the cast visited Thailand, Portugal, Singapore, as well as locations closer to the mansion like Denver and Colorado.

Normally, the show has over 10 weeks and ends with a proposal. However, Colton’s season went a bit differently. During the week called “Fantasy Suite,” Cassie Randolph, one of the three finalists, decided to quit the show. She claimed that she was unsure if she was ready for the final step. Her departure made Colton realize that Cassie was the one for him. He wanted nothing more than to choose her at the end of this crazy experience. He even jumped an eight foot fence to show it.

Ultimately, Colton broke up with the other two girls, Hannah Godwin and Tayshia Adams. Risking losing a guaranteed accepted proposal with one of the other finalists, he decided to seek Cassie. Colton stated that he was “ready to end the show” if Cassie rejected him again. After a lot of talking, Colton and Cassie decided to be together but not to get engaged… yet.

The season finale of the show publicly announced that the two have been happily living as a couple for weeks now.

It also released who the new Bachelorette would be: Hannah Brown. Hannah was on Colton’s season and was a favorite of many. She was eliminated in week seven. Her season will begin in less than a month on May 13th.

Fans are divided on what is to come for Hannah “Beast” Brown’s season. Twitter has blown up with many saying that she is awkward and seems uncomfortable. Others, however, are more excited, stating that she will be authentic and endearing to watch. As usual, the fanbase is excited for what is to come and of course to see who will be the contestants on the most favorited, Bachelor in Paradise.

Colton’s season, though full of drama and more, brought a lot of new-found confidence in the show’s intent of finding love in such a short amount of time. The unprecedented ending, with the two not being engaged but still finding love while on the show demonstrates the show’s true purpose of men and women finding love.

Fans are all looking forward to Hannah’s season and what is yet to come.

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Mollie Sysler

Mollie Sysler is a four-year senior. She is an editor of the Oracle and is looking forward to continuing writing and editing for her remaining time at Blair.