The 5th Oracle Caption Contest

The most submissions we’ve received for a caption contest was 36, for the Second Caption Contest. Can we double that number this time around? For this edition of the contest, the winners will be picked by pure popular vote (via Google Forms) towards the end of October 2015.

Please submit your captions through the comments section below (scroll down). If you select comment as guest, you will not have to make an account to comment, but please use your real name and email address. Email if you have trouble posting your comment.

Submit your caption

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Cartoon by Tys Sweeney; full copyright retained.


The Oracle Staff

  • Tim Johns

    If you spell them backwards, you get hoo ha and wow. Just fascinating

  • Chinonso

    “I listened to Fetty Wap before he was cool.”

  • Hannah

    When chat leaders try and keep you interested

  • Andrew Merola

    When Mr. Sykes comes on stage to announce the decision of the R&D committee

  • Jack Saxton

    Raz could you please go to the next slide?

  • Aaron Chou

    When I see Line up there

  • Aaron Chou

    When Reade walks on stage

  • Andrew Merola

    (iBoss Network System)

  • Mason Manville

    Blair Wrestling in a nutshell

  • Tim Johns

    Varsity Girls Soccer games be like

  • Jacob Ruzow

    When bae is talking about her day

  • Samuel Czaja

    when you don’t know what Delwitch is saying but you need a 5.0

  • Patrick Reardon

    What Pagotto thinks is going on during his shoutouts

  • Alex Litzenberger

    Hi, I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.

  • Colleen Smarth

    The mice orchestra is in town, and their rendition of Pachelbel’s Canon in D Major is simply amazing!

  • Luke Corrado

    When Fortunato talks about any aspect of his life at Harvard

    • Jacob Ruzow


  • Kraig Correll

    Monday School meeting be like…

  • Paige Flannery

    When Paige Flannery walks by

  • John Lamon

    When you find out that Dan actually plays varsity basketball and doesn’t manage it /fill up water bottles

  • Chris Bottone

    Razz can you shoot that

  • Richard Sherman

    when you watch wrestling

  • Jimmy Stillerman

    Modern Art in a nutshell

  • Shadae Tingman

    That moment when your Netflix and Chill session gets interrupted…

  • Will Sigety

    The guy in the Middle: “Why did I pay for this, It’s just a blank screen. Something’s wrong with these people.”

  • Jakub Sudol

    When Mr. Cameron says he is going to go play Kan Jam at night #Ms. Wilson

  • Juno Park

    When Ian Day takes off his shirt

  • Reo Aono

    When Pagotto thinks he’s funny