The 2018 Student Film Festival

The Blair Academy Film Festival is a wonderful annual event in which students, no matter what skill level, have the opportunity to screen their productions for the entire community. This year was one of the best yet.

It featured outstanding films by seniors (Class of 2018) Sydney Walters, Kraig Correll, Irene Choi, Paul Siriothan, Sammi Hui Bon Hoa, Wai Sze Fong, Sabrina Helck, Mikey Stockley, Tommy Menoni, and Spencer Quinn; juniors (Class of 2019) Aiden Abrahamsen and Andrew Delaney; sophomores (Class of 2020) Zoe Reinert, Elise Sigety and Thomas Engel; and freshman (Class of 2021) Lucas Economacos, Corrine Wilm, Jordan Abraham, Grace Hogue, Avery Lehman, and Kaki Jacobs. It also included the work of first semester’s C-block film class.

From Sydney Walter’s “Chaing Chaing Baby.”

The film festival kicked off with nothing but clout and Sydney Walters ’18. Her ice cold “Chiang Chiang Baby” music video left the audience in awe of her lyrical ability, and reminded the Blair Bucs that “CIC” actually stands for something. You can bask in this musical masterpiece here, or simply ask for a live performance if you see her on campus.

Soon after our ears were blessed with Sydney’s lyrical genius, Kraig Correll ’18, hit us like a truck (as he often does) with his new bodybuilding concoction. This serum was seen transforming freshmen and sophomores of the Academy into Willy Kaiser ’18 and Justin Choi ’18. Kraig Correll was recently detained by the U.S. government for questioning. The search for the original Willy and Justin continue. On an unrelated note, Doc Sayers seems to have disappeared from campus.

From Tommy Menoni’s The Uke.

Next we have The Uke, an action film created and directed by Tommy Menoni ’18 . This cinematic masterpiece stars the likes of Chris Lovisolo ’18 as the main villain and Thomas Jenkins ’18, Sam Czaja ’18, Jack Joyce ’18, and Jack Six ’18. This film is simply perfect. It makes Infinity Wars feel not so good. That is why in this article I am asking Tommy Menoni to prom. Please go to prom with me Tommy, it would mean everything to me. Love me Tommy. I love you.

From Thomas Engel’s horror film.

The second half of the film festival left the crowd horrified in horrendous horror, as it featured  both Thomas Engel’s terrifying riff on Annabelle and Corrine Wilm’s film Ghost based on– and probably better than– The Blair Witch Project. Because of Thomas Engel’s Annabelle recreation, I am now scared of dolls. Thanks, Tom. Corrine Wilm’s adaptation of the Blair Witch Project left me scared of witches, barns, open spaces, closed spaces, ghosts, goblins, ghouls, dry grass, fields of dry grass, and ghostly witch freshman twins found in closed barns located in open fields of dry grass. Congratulations Corrine: I guess you win.

From Corrine Wilm’s Ghost.

The drama, the horror, the comedy, the tears, and the laughs made the evening very enjoyable for all who attended.

  (Copyright 2018 Cris Newman)