Thanksgiving Storytelling Project

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This Thanksgiving Blair Students departed for the week to enjoy time with families, catch up on sleep, and travel. The Oracle launched the Community Storytelling Project so students could share their experiences with the wider community. Here are some of their stories:

Brandy Zhang said “I went to my roommate’s house to stay over. On the day of Thanksgiving, we went to her grandparents’ house to celebrate and after that we went Black Friday shopping with her family.”

Liam Heino shared his wonderful story of family traditions: “As per tradition, I went down my see my family at my uncle’s house in West Hartford. The day was spent playing basketball, catching up with my family members, and of course watching football. As always we said grace, and went around the table to talk about what we were most thankful for. It wouldn’t be a Heino thanksgiving without a massive turkey, loads of stuffing, and an unhealthy amount of mashed potatoes, and biscuits. We ended the day by spending an hour deciding what movie we would watch, only to watch for half an hour before we were called up for dessert: a mix of pecan pie, cheesecake, several kinds of ice cream, and brownies. After that we drew names for secret santa, before finally saying our goodbyes and hitting the road.”

Jakub Sudol also told of the simple joys of spending time with family. “On Thanksgiving day, I spent some much needed time with family, especially my two month old nephew. We all ate together and hung out for the night, while relaxing during the holiday.”

El Ryan told of making a delicious selection of foods: “I baked a cake. Sautéed apples, homemade maple syrup caramel, cinnamon buttercream, and three layers of carrot cake. There is none left.”

John Zoetjes shared about a not-so-classic but certainly exciting holiday event “I woke up Thanksgiving morning and went pheasant hunting with friends and family.”

Finally, August Will shared the good times she had with her family over the vacation: “Over Thanksgiving I was able to spend time with my family and that is something to be thankful for. I told them about Blair and all of the things that I have done since school started. I am very blessed to have a wonderful family both at home and at Blair. In addition to spending time with my family I also ate a lot of good food.”

It’s always wonderful to be able to share stories from the Blair Community, so be on the lookout for future Community Storytelling Projects, and share your story.

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