Success at Blair’s First Annual Charity Tag Sale

Construction going on at Blair in Kenya
Construction at Blair in Kenya, where all tag sale proceeds are going.

From school supplies, desk lamps, and bedding to dresses, shoes, and plenty of Blair wear, Blair’s first ever annual Charity Tag Sale this past weekend had lots to offer! Set to take place on September 16th and 17th in order to coincide with the yearly Blairstown tag sale, the Blair sale– which was held at the Makers’ Space on Main Street– proved a huge success, with a great turnout by Blair students and townspeople alike.

The tag sale started out as the brainchild of faculty members Hannah Higgin and Britt Freitag. For Dr. Higgin, the tag sale was a dream come true: “I had wanted to do a prep school leftovers tag sale since I was in high school,” she states. The two started planning in May 2016, collecting and organizing unwanted items that departing students left behind.

Everything was stowed away in storage in Annie Hall over the summer. Once the school year began, more donations came from students who wanted to unclutter their dorm rooms and faculty who wanted to get rid of unnecessary items.

The philosophy behind the tag sale is perfectly summarized by student volunteer Emily Choi,  “It’s not a smart idea to throw our items away when they are still perfectly reusable. We are not only giving others an opportunity to buy pretty clothes and items for cheaper prices, but we are also donating the profit, which is more than a win-win. As people say, ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!’”

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The donations accumulated until over the course of Thursday and Friday, when volunteering students and faculty helped move countless bags and boxes from Annie Hall down to the Maker Space. “I had so much fun helping set up. They had some great stuff for sale!” said student volunteer Amanda Goldsmith.

By the end of the sale on Sunday afternoon, an “immeasurable but seemingly insurmountable amount” of items sold, in the words of Ms Freitag, raising the staggering sum of approximately $3,500!

All profits from the tag sale will go to support Blair in Kenya, a non-profit organization that is currently building two schools in rural Kenya. The money that was raised from the tag sale will help cover the construction costs. “I’m so excited about the money that we raised. I send my deepest gratitude to Dr. Higgin, Ms. Freitag, and everyone else who helped run this event and who purchased any items,” says faculty member Quint Clarke, who runs Blair in Kenya.

Again, a huge thanks to Dr. Higgin, Ms Freitag, and everyone who volunteered and supported!

(Copyright 2016 Rebecca Xi)