The Student Kitchen: Making Perfect Dining Hall Sandwiches

A good sandwich is a rare thing. Too complicated, and your sandwich is messy, gross, or both. Too simple, and you could get bored (the exceptions to this rule, of course, are avocado sandwiches and grilled cheese). As a student, most of the sandwiches you eat probably come from the dining hall. So it’s time to go to the Student Kitchen, and discover how to make the perfect dining hall sandwich. Today we’ll be exploring three different classic sandwiches that taste good and aren’t too complicated.


I. The Caprese Sandwich

A simple sandwich, the caprese is best served on a slightly toasted sub or ciabatta roll. After toasting the roll, butter it (very lightly) and drizzle balsamic vinegar on the top half – not enough to make the bread soggy.

Next, find a few good slices of tomato and mozzarella cheese. Layer these to taste on the bottom bun and drizzle with a little olive oil. Add a few basil leaves and you’re all set.


II. Honey-Mustard Ham & Cheese

It’s hard to get the right ratio of ham and cheese and select the right toppings. Too much cheese can ruin a good sandwich. Too much ham, and it’s barely a ham and cheese.

Select a brown bread– wheat or rye– and layer four or five slices of ham, folding or waving as you go, on the bottom slice. Crack some pepper over the ham before adding the cheese– three thick slices of swiss should do. Note: if you put American on it, you’ll ruin the effect. Add lettuce and tomato to taste. Add a thin layer of mayo to the sandwich, and a hefty dollop of honey-mustard. The honey-mustard is really the only thing that differentiates this from any other ham and cheese.


III. Avocado and Cheese Panini

A very simple and delicious sandwich, this panini is best with cheddar cheese, though you can make do with swiss if necessary. Take some brown bread and lightly toast it (it makes a better panini if you pre-toast your bread). Put several pieces of avocado, two or three slices of cheese, and a slice of tomato on your bread and put it into the panini machine. Note: I suggest lightly buttering the outside of your sandwich to avoid it sticking to the panini paper. The avocado and cheese panini is a very easy sandwich, and you’ll be glad you tried it.

If you enjoyed this installment of the Student Kitchen then make sure to return next week for Student Kitchen number three, where we’ll explore an actual recipe.

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