A Stressful Time at Blair

As spring steadily approaches at the Academy, so does the anxiety of having to take AP exams. Seniors, juniors, and select sophomores have been studying diligently in the hopes of attaining high marks. These next few weeks will be a challenging time at Blair, as for many students they are the most demanding academically and extracurricularly.

As students strive to raise their grades for their transcripts , they are also met with an array of other challenges. Many students are athletes, so they feel an immense sense of pressure to “leave it all out there” for the rest of the school year. The same goes those busy perfecting shows such as Frankenstein, and orchestra members who are  busy with finalizing pieces from Phantom of the Opera and Millennium.

Regardless of how a student identifies themselves– as an athlete, musician, writer, etc– there is no doubt stress comes with the spring.  “The time after spring break is the hardest of the year, as it is exam season.” Taylor Attix ‘’17 advises juniors, “You’re going to be working most of your free time, especially with APs. Time management is key. Also, going into junior summer, start working on your applications, so they aren’t a hassle in the heat of senior fall. That’s just another element you really don’t need.”

Although it is a taxing time of year, it is also important to remember to enjoy your time at Blair, as spring is the most beautiful time of year. While the spring presents great challenge, it also gives students the opportunity to try new things, meet new people, and enjoy the family-like community Blair has to offer.

(Copyright Janice Negvesky 2017)


Janice Negvesky