Stranger Things Series Review


Netflix perhaps crafted its finest masterpiece in entertainment yet. Stranger Things is centered around three middle-school boys in 1980s Indiana and their search to locate their missing friend, Will. They find themselves in an enthralling investigation involving the government, a supernatural beast that has taken their town by force, and a new, mysterious friend.

The eight-part series’ best feature was its satisfying blend of the paranormal and realism. The idea of a creature living in the so-called “upside down,” who preys on those unlucky enough to fall in its path seems over the top and farfetched. However, the Duffer brothers, the creators of the show, were able to incorporate scientific information to make this concept more realistic.

What’s most refreshing is the show’s dynamic intertwining of sub plots. Joyce Byers implores the chief of police to find her missing son, Will Byers. Will’s friends, Mike, Dustin, and Lucas, set out to find their missing pal, but instead meet Eleven, a runaway from the government lab. The show gets more complicated with a steamy teenage romance between Nancy, the older sister of one of Will’s friends, and Steve.

The show, however, did have its flaws. While it was a satisfying watch, we were left with many cliff hangers. In the last episode, Eleven dies (or at least we’re led to believe so) after destroying the creature, called the Demogorgon by the boys, without any hint as to what happened to her. In a sense, it was a dead halt to her massive contribution to the show.

Secondly, the season is concluded during Christmas time, when Officer Hopper, the chief police, takes some treats into the woods and leaves them in a box — but for whom? The viewer is left with a huge sense of curiosity— was intentional or just not thinking the entire plot through? Hopefully, season 2 will answer these questions.

Whether or not you agree with these critiques, I was able to identity with the show. While centered around the supernatural, the show incorporated heartbreak, joy, curiosity, and, most of all, adventure. No matter the age of the viewer, the show had some aspect of it that would suit anyone, and, I predict Stranger Things could captivate the imagination of anyone who watched it. I give it a 9/10 stars.

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Janice Negvesky